Today I will tell you why we chose naturals as a means of creation for the Wild Olive Perfumes.

It is, I think, because people naturally gravitate towards good: towards good quality. Just like that bag, or shoe, or shirt that succeeded to make you almost instantly addicted to it. Or maybe, just as a tailor who will tell you in a split second if he prefers silk or nylon, I totally fell in love with the natural essences, resins, absolutes and concretes that I came across in my field of work.

The whole point of Wild Olive is to not make for the sake of making! We have a serious mission: to demonstrate what can be achieved on the African continent, and most precisely at the end of the planet – literally. Every single interaction that you have with any of our products, what you are touching, what you are using, is extremely important to us. We want to offer to you that quality that only a human hand can achieve.

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Inspirational Quote

“You desire to tame everything, but if you just stand still and FEEL for a moment you would know how everything yarns to be WILD…”

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When I started the discussion with Bridget Heneck, about creating a piece for our Artists Collaboration portfolio, she insisted it had to be a container for bath salts (because she loves bath salts!). A collectible for the bathroom, for those who surround themselves with timeless, meaningful objects, throughout their exceptional lives.

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Visi Magazine Interview

Visi Magazine had a conversation with our creative director Marioara De La Tara.

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During centuries, African people, who are renowned for their beautiful skin, learned how to protect themselves from the environment using these natural ingredients.

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